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  • Helmet destruction = brain ok

    Posted on August 8th, 2011 admin No comments


    You guys know I spent 5 years recovering from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) after being sideswiped by a road raging motorist in a truck.    As a result I know more about recovery from a closed head injury than most MDs.  I am pretty determined not to get another one.

    This crash resulted in no brain injury and from my brain map done post accident, I did not even get a “brain slosh”.

    My main point of impact was my right quad – it was the energy dissipation point.   It looks like I should of had a slosh, but I did not.   There was no rational force on the helmet, it was a flat hit and slide, no neck whiplash or soreness.   I got really lucky as other parts of my body were the shock absorber.

    I tagged my crash location on this post for anyone interested.

    My helmet is now gone. Once they are “used” they no longer protect your head.

    Helmet: view of impact right side

    Cracking of foam inside helmet:

    Helmet: view of impact right side

    Carbon fiber shell separation from foam


    Internal foam cracks inside helmet

    Helmets are disposable.   Mine absorbed enough energy that I my brain was not hurt.  It did the most important thing a helmet can do absorb impact and sliiiiiiiidddddddeeee on the road surface.    More on that later.


    Now I have to find a new one.




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