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  • I need to see the light….

    Posted on November 5th, 2011 admin No comments

    Being the rocket scientist I am I don’t need to get slammed more than one time bicycling before I change things.

    OK. I hit a piece of road debris going way too fast in no/low light conditions.  I missed seeing a small piece of misshaped wood with my headlamp.

    I started riding at night on the Barton Creek Green Belt. I have more night riding hours than anyone else I know -years on my mountain bike, years on my road bike.

    I would never ride my MTB with a single light, I always had 2 lights. A frame light and a helmet light. One always pointed the direction the bike was headed, one pointed where I was looking.

    I could always see what my bike was headed for even if I was not looking that direction – out of my peripheral view.

    I got lazy road bicycling and into cutting down weight and stuff.  A some point I stopped remembering to take my frame light out on my night rides.  To protect myself fully again I am getting back to my roots – 2 lights

    How did I hit a piece of wood? I was going 30+ mph.   Only wearing a helmet light if I looked away from my path for even an instant  I would miss small objects or road surface features.

    My new rig:

    I have replaced my NiteRider HID helmet light and my NiteRider Halon frame light with updated NiteRider lights.  I stuck with NiteRider as I abused them quite a bit over the past 10 years and they held together well.

    I have gone with Led systems a NiteRider MiNewt 650 Cordless and a NiteRider MiNewt Pro 750 for my helmet.  The 600 weights in at 190 gm and the 750 at 255 gm.

    They are working out great.


    The NiteRider Pro 750 is on my helmet and light enough I do notice it. The 600 is next to my helmet.

    I run the 600 in flash when I’m in city traffic, where the roads are well lighted or in the daytime.   So far it has kept more than a few cars from pulling out in front of me.  The flash mode in low to no light conditions will make all the reflective signs on the road strobe with an effect that is very noticeable.   People behind me might miss my red strobe tail light, but they certainly notice the entire road flashing back at them.  It is a pretty cool effect.




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