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  • The Best Way To Heal Road Rash?

    Posted on May 18th, 2011 Ed 1 comment

    Ever take a ride on the concrete slide?

    Get some road rash?

    Have concrete poisoning?

    Well, I have had. A bad case after fall at 40+ mph and a 140 ft roll/flip/slide.

    This picture is about 1/5 the total I of the  road rash I had:


    Fragging ouch!!!!

    Painful beyond description. Getting scrubbed with no pain killers for 2 hrs at the ER cleaning me was no fun.

    How do you deal with this???

    Well, I got lucky. An unnamed plastic surgeon, walking by me at an airport felt sorry for me. He came over and gave me some advice. He told me what to do.

    (Would your doctor approve of this? Probably not. You need to work out a plan of action with your medical advisor. However, there is at least 1 plastic surgeon out who likes this method, who I am happy to have met.)

    Road Rash Solution

    Saran Wrap?????? Yep. Saran wrap and a burn cream (prescription only) Silvadene or Thermazene which is “silver sulfadiazine”.

    What do you do with this?   Easy.

    You put a very thin later of Thermazene on the wound.  You cover it with Saran Wrap. Tape the Saran Wrap in place. I use 3M derm tape that is very easy on the skin and holds well.

    Three times a day, replace the the Saran Wrap and cleaning the wound. Let it the wound get fresh air for a least an hour, then  re-apply the Thermazene.   Wrap it again with fresh Saran Wrap.

    My experience doing this was great.    I just taped on the Saran Wrap after applying the Thermazene.     The burn did not dry out under the Saran Wrap and it did not stick to my sheets at night or my clothing in the day time.   It did not hurt every time I moved.

    btw:There are some very expensive dressings that will do the same job but finding large enough sizes would have been a problem. This solution was wonderful and inexpensive. This is KISS.

    All my road rashes have all healed very quickly using this method and with very little scarring. It works so well I wonder why more cyclists don’t seem to know about it.

    What about those long boarders and the street luge guys? They need some road rash help also.

    I was lucky. I was at the right place, at the right time.



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